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A couple of pours, with the help of my best work friend Ben, filming.

Another try.
This is the new pour I’ve been working on. Still needs a lot of work. But at least now it’s starting to look like something.
Trying to figure out the best way to utilize the whole cup.
Just a few of the lattes I’ve been working on… This one is a macchiato. I
Sunday night dinner.

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Happy 2012!

Peter and I rung in the New Year watching Phish’s NYE show at Madison Square Garden. One of the most epic last minute decisions I’ve ever made. :) I hope everyone had as much fun as we did.

My uncle called me about a week ago to infom me that I will be spending Christmas with family and not “strange New Yorkers”.

He shows up at my Harlem apartment with my aunt and my two cousins with plans and events and a car to drive me to Massachusetts to spend quality family time.

Growing up, my Uncle Kiem was the closest thing I had to a big brother and spending time with his family and our other extended family is more that I could have asked for this Christmas.

We have one of the most multicultural families every with English, Indian, Lebonese, French, Japanese, and Vietnamese members populating the whole of us. We spent some time in the city, but have been in Lexington for the last few days.

This video is from Walden Pond of Yuki (13, half English, half Japanese), Ken (12, half Vietnamese, half Japanese), and Erica (9, half Vietnamese, half Japanese) playing. I’m the embarrassing cousin (practically elderly) that documents their every move.

Little Eskimo on the 6 train.